Stabijhoun in Norway,

Searching for birds

Today I took 3 of Our dogs, Yerke, Limke and Coffea for a training of searching and pointing for bird.

I had hidden one in the high gras around the Field and two out in the litle Wood.


Yerke is a smart dog, so I took my track in the beginning until he got the smell of the bird in his nose.  Then he pointed.


He went directly to the NeXT bird, also this he pointed, but this bird he wanted to have him self.  I`m glad he is good to stay calm when he`s told to do that.


Then he started seaching again and of course he found the last bird to.


Then it was Limke job to find the birds.  She started With the same as Yerke.


For her to be, she stopped a great distance from the bird.  The NeXT bird, she didn`t stop at all, so no Picture.  The Third bird she also found, but this time she took a funny pointing.  She had this for severel minutes.


Coffea did also find all 3 birds, but she was such a speed so she didn`t stop for any of them so sorry, no Pictures.



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